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Rules - Liiioo - 11-04-2017


General Rules:
It's forbidden to pick up other players without their permission.
It's not allowed to drop wild dinos in foreign bases.
Dinos or equipment which were killed or disappeared by bugs won't be replaced.
Logged out players must not be dragged or killed unless they are in your base.

Building Rules:
No building in or near any important place or spawnpoint like caves, metal spawns, swamps or beaver spawns.
The reservation of areas with Foundations or Pillars is forbidden.
Old structures must be removed after using(eg. Taimingboxes).
Keep distance to other bases, the map is big enough.
Each tribe is allowed to build 2 bases.

Behaviour Rules:
Any type of exploiting bugs, hacking or similar actions leads to a permanent ban.
Spamming or permanent writing with capslock and advertisment is not allowed and leads to a permanent ban.
Any sort of trolling is prohibited.
Insults and constant stupid messages are to be omitted.
Supporter officialy speak only English and German.
If you notice a misconduct, please report this to an admin.